Sunday, March 1, 2009

January 09

Sorry again to everyone who looks at my blog I know I don't update it often enough but I just seriously do not have time! Then I get so far behind that it is such a big job to catch up but I promise I will try to be better. Anyway these pics are from January it was a fun month. We celebrated our 2 year anniversary on the 12th and went to Park City for dinner and to do a little shopping it was just simple but fun so this is us sitting at Main St Pizza. Then I got to go to Arizona for my cousins wedding which was way fun! It was a nice break from the cold she was so beautiful I'm so glad I was able to go I just don't see her enough. Josh then met me in Vegas for the rest of the weekend and that is always a blast. We got to see the lions at the MGM hotel and that was way cool. And yes they were that close to us! Literally on the other side of the glass it was crazy! They were fun to watch!

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Greg and Sarah said...

Greg and I went to Park City to go shopping and to dinner for our 2 year anniversary! We even went to main st. pizza! i cant believe it's been 2 years for you! :)