Monday, June 29, 2009

Vegas in May 09

So once again I have not updated in forever sorry I really am terrible at this but life is so crazy. Anyways... so we decided to start the summer off with a little Vegas weekend getaway because Josh's summer was going to be so crazy. So we went down the first week of May with Dust and Andy and it was such a fun trip. So many good laughs and inside jokes wow fun memories! But we got down there on a Thursday night and went to Chilli's for dinner. We stayed at South Point which is the nicest, best hotel in Vegas if you ask me. It has everything including $1 bowling at midnight which we thoroughly enjoyed that night. I have never seen so many weird people bowling in my life good times ha ha. Friday we enjoyed watching Wolverine in the comfort of our own hotel movie theater, in our pj's at 11:00 am it was awesome. We spent a little time at the pool and then watched Josh and Andy play black jack. That night of course we paid a visit to the good old strip. Saturday Dust and I both dropped about $200 at H&M on clothes. Definitely didn't have the money and definitely did it anyway it was a great shopping trip! We spent a little more time at the pool, watched some more gambling, and soaked up every minute of it. It was a blast and much needed as usual. When is a vacation ever not needed lets be honest. And then it was back home and off to a crazy summer!

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