Sunday, September 13, 2009

New York Trip

So I know I'm totally horrible at updating my blog but here is the other half of our Boston trip. After Boston we went to the big apple and did everything our feet would let us do. It was a lot of walking. But we went on this 6 hour walking tour that was given by a local and he just had so much knowledge of New York it was unbelievable he was so fun to listen to. We went to some fun restaurants, hung out in times square, and did some shopping of course. The highlight for me was probably Wicked! It was so amazing I only wish we could have seen more than one broadway show while we were there because it was so worth it! Then of course the Statue of Liberty was awesome. We did the audio tour on Liberty Island and it was fun to hear more about her history and the history of our early settlers in the US. My only advice about New York is don't go in the summer!! I don't handle humidity very well and it was so hot and humid I really thought I was going to die! Especially down underground in the subways you really feel like you are going to suffocate its not very fun! So go in the fall or spring you will be happier that way!

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