Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crazy couple of months!

I haven't made a post for quite awhile because my life has been so completely crazy. I don't even know where to start. In March we moved out of our wonderful Herriman home to save money and pay off debt before law school. It was so hard to leave such a fun neighborhood and so many wonderful friends. We have been out in Herriman for 3 years now so it was quite the change. At the beginning of February we put the house up for rent and by mid March we were moving out. As much as I hate so say it, it was a huge blessing for all of us. We needed to get out as soon as possible. Jer and Tal needed to find renters so they weren't losing money after we left, and the people that ended up renting needed to move in quickly. So it all worked out for the best even though I never wanted to leave. We were so spoiled to live in such a beautiful home. It all happened so fast it was just insane. We moved out the second week in March, the weekend after that we went to Omaha Nebraska to check out a law school there, and the weekend after that we were in San Diego to check out another law school. So basically the whole month of March was just a blur for us.

Since that time we have received rejection letters from Utah and BYU, which was kind of hard to swallow even though we both feel it was supposed to happen that way. San Diego is officially going to be our new home for the next four years. We had our hearts set on a school called California Western. It is a little private law school in downtown San Diego. However, a few weeks ago the University of San Diego sent him an acceptance letter. This is the best school he got into so it was really exciting. We will not be getting any scholarships there so that was kind of hard to swallow but after many discussions and research we decided that was the better option. So it is offical. We are going down in another couple of weeks to finalize housing, and I am not coming home until I have a place to live. It is such an exciting but scary time right now. Four years of school in a different state is hard to wrap your head around. I know it is what we are supposed to be doing for whatever reason but that doesn't make it any easier to leave my home and everyone we know and love. So we are down to about 7 weeks until the big move. I can't believe how fast time has gone by. I try not to have too many panic attacks throughout the week. I am just ready to get settled so I can stop thinking and worrying about it.

Aside from law school Josh has graduated from UVU with his bachelor's degree. We took a Vegas vacation to celebrate the last four years of accomplishments. I am growing my photography business which has been exciting, except for the fact that I am moving and will have to start all over again in a new city. But life is good and completely crazy. Sorry my blog is so boring. The only blog I have time to update is my photography blog. I feel like I have two full time jobs right now. But that is our life in a nut shell hope you enjoyed it!

Here is our cute Herriman home that we miss so much! That was such a fun place to live. Also Josh's graduation pictures. Too bad that wasn't his law school graduation ha ha.


Chris and Marissa said...

Good luck with the move!!! You'll always be a phone call away from Utah friend and family :)

CASEY & NICOLE said...

yes, you guys will be missed by so many people! just think of it as a fun little adventure that dose come to an end! you guys will do great! love you!