Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home for Christmas

It was so fun to come home for Christmas! It was definitely my first year living away from home around the holidays, but it made them that much more enjoyable. I was able to go visit my old office and see all the girls and my doctors which was super fun. We got together for lunch & dinner dates with several friends. And we got to play with all of their adorable little kids who we miss so much. It was such a blast. Not to mention that Christmas itself was wonderful. I wouldn't have had to have anything for Christmas and I would have been just fine. It was gift enough just to be able to come home for a week. And we got to have our snow for Christmas. Boston also enjoyed his play time in the snow. He loves that just as much as the beach. I do love my snow. However it was super nice to come back and be playing volleyball on the beach the first week of January. But I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday as much as we did. It was so good to see all of you!

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