Monday, July 20, 2009

4th of July

So this is kind of a long post but we had so much fun on the 4th that I just had all these pictures to post. We started out the day with a breakfast at the park and then we had a BBQ at Josh's parents house. The kids, and the dogs for that matter, had a fun time playing in the water and I was able to get some fun pictures of them having a water fight. We were also able to spend some time with our cute friends Casey and Nicole and their cute little Cashe. That afternoon we went swimming up at our club house. It was a perfect activity for such a beautiful day. Then we headed over to Riverton park to the carnival. We could have watched those kids ride those rides all day long it was priceless. The babies were less than enthused, and mostly terrified on every ride. We also road the Gravitron for those of you who were fans of the 49 St Galleria growing up you will know what ride I am talking about! However I remember it being much more fun when I was little, I didn't so much want to vomit back then, but it was an experience none the less. Then we had fun watching fireworks with our wonderful friends and family. It was quite the fun filled day. Love this holiday!!

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Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

Looks like you guys had a full day of fun! I love the pictures of the fireworks, you must have an excellent camera. haha :) So cute!