Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chelsea Allred's baby shower

So I'm working on getting a blog started for my photos but until then I am just going to post them on here. So my cute friend Chelsea Allred invited me to her shower and she asked me to take some pictures for her and it was so much fun. Her and her mom are both florists at Thanksgiving Point so this of course was the cutest shower I've ever been too. All they do all day is decorate for weddings so I could only imagine how cute this was going to be! It was so fun to take pictures of. And if you need a decorator for anything I can hook you up this family is amazing! I just love ya Chels thanks so much for letting me take pics for ya! 


CASEY & NICOLE said...

Mandy these look gorgeous! i loved your fourth of july post too! can't wait for you to take Casch's pics!!

Drew and Brandi said...

Mandy those are lovely! You did a great job! I am excited to see more of your stuff!

Awesome colors for the shower too!