Monday, July 6, 2009

Thank goodness for Blogs!

So I'm having kind of a melow day today at work, which never happens! So I have been catching up on everyones lives with everyones blogs and I just love it. I'm so glad we all have blogs so that we can keep up on each others lives. Sometimes I wish I was still in highschool where I used to see and play with everyone every day, and I always new what everyone was up to. I miss that sometimes but I really would never go back there, it was fun while it lasted but life is great right now. But I do love catching up on all of your lives since I don't see you all the time anymore. I love all your cute new babies, houses, apartments, jobs and everything else that is going on in your life. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us its so fun! Ashley and Brekke I hope all is well with your cute new babies I love the pictures! And to all of you who are prego good luck with all that! You can let me know how it goes! I swear we have like 10 friends that are pregnant right now it is crazy! As for me I am so not ready for that stage of life yet so I will just enjoy all of your babies and stories ha ha.
Anyways Josh and I are just hanging out right now. He has been crazy busy this summer. Poor guy all he does is work and study. He is so motivated though I'm always so proud of him and everything he does to make a better life for us. He is studying frantically for the LSAT right now. That is our next adventure in life. He will be taking the test this fall and then applying for schools, kind of a scary but fun at the same time. Who knows where we will be. I am still out at my little clinic working full time. I am taking a break from school this summer which has been so nice. I am also trying to get more involved with photography this summer. It's been hard because I have such little time to do it working full time and everything, but I just love it it is truely is my passion. Hopefully it will become a full time thing for me in the near future. But we are loving life its just so great. We love our cute little puppy Boston, he just brings so much joy into our little home. We also love living in Herriman it is the greatest place ever! Everyone should move out here with us ha ha. We just have met some of the greatest people out here and we love them all too pieces. Our neighborhood is so fun. But thanks for listening to me go on and on here I just had to tell you all hello and let you know how much I love and miss all of you. Josh and I are lucky to have such fun wonderful friends. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer! Good luck with everything! Love ya!

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Annie said...

cute post mand! love and miss you lots!