Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ocean Kayaking!

This is probably my favorite thing we have done in San Diego. We went ocean kayaking in La Jolla Cove. We did it with a company that take pictures of you while you are out there which are so fun to have. It is definitely a workout but so fun. We saw dolphins and sea lions. It was a cloudy day so the water was murky but apparently when it's clear you can see pretty far down and there are lots of little sharks out there too. That doesn't make me too excited but I couldn't see anything so I was good. I definitely didn't get in the water though. The hardest part is heading out and coming back in. The waves make things a little difficult. We made it in without tipping over but Kenny and Danielle were not so lucky. It ate them up! Not fun. But Josh took advantage of the ride in on their kayak ha ha. We had such a good time. This would be a fun thing to do when people come to visit for sure!

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