Monday, December 5, 2011

Padres Game (or lack there of)

So we got a really good deal on these tickets for the Padres game back in April. We were super excited because we had good seats and free food. Well... it turned out the food consisted of hot dogs and hamburgers. They were supposed to have snacks and treats as well but their idea of treats was peanuts. So not only was the food not that awesome but it was pooring rain the whole time and the game was delayed for about 2 hours. We stuck it out only for them to delay it again a half hour later. Michelle and I sat there the whole time eating peanuts (which we don't even like). We were so slap happy it wasn't even funny, and I think we downed 4 bags of peanuts because there was nothing else to do. Fun night despite the circumstances. Goes to show with good company you can have fun anywhere.

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