Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekend of Fun!

Everyone came back for one last summer bash. Kenny & Danielle had already moved away. Clark & Jennifer had been gone for the summer for an internship & came back just long enough to pack up and move back to Utah. Josh & Courtney were getting ready for a 4 week leave for Josh while she went back to Texas. What was such an awesome group of friends still is except they forgot they weren't supposed to leave us in San Diego by ourselves. :( We just love these amazing people and are so grateful to be such good friends with them even though we miss them like crazy! We had a fun weekend of volleyball and BBQ. We even gave Clark & Jen a nice welcome home with a banner and everything ha ha. They loved it of course...(they were a little embarrassed but we didn't care). Then I played hooky from work that Monday so we could go to the the Wild Animal Park. It was so hot but so much better than being at work.

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