Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve 08

This was Christmas Eve at the Poulsen's house. We had our big favorites dinner which was delicious and then all our nieces and nephews acted out the Nativity Story which was so cute. Jillee was Mary, Kinslee was Joseph, (thats who she wanted to be), and the Ariel doll was baby Jesus. Clarky was our shepherd boy and Brooklynn was the angel. Then the three oldest boys were the wise men. We tried to get the twins to be the sheep but they would not stay on all fours long enough ha ha. It was so cute, they are all such good little actors. Oh and Josh of course was our Inn Keeper we made sure he practiced his lines, "There's no room in the Inn," several times so he wouldn't ruin the story ha ha. After that we all exchanged gifts and put our new Christmas jammies on. Julee made her families jammies and they looked like they should be in a Christmas movie they were so cute. Casey and Nicole got to spend the holidays with us because they were unable to get up to Idaho due to the weather and we were so grateful to have them there. It was a way fun night.

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CASEY & NICOLE said...

that was so fun!! you guys are seriously the best friends anyone could ask for!! thanks again for letting us spend the night with you guys and the amazing, thoughtful gifts!! you are our family away from home! we love you guys!