Monday, December 15, 2008


This was over Thanksgiving. Jer and Tal and their cute family stayed at our house for a week and it was so fun. We always love when they come to visit we just don't see them enough. This is us with their kids, and then me with Abby and their new little Macie. We also had several sleepovers with all the little girls at our house. It was interesting they are not quite old enough yet for sleepovers and they tattle on each other like every five minutes. Oh and they are of course hungry every five minutes as well. But we love them they are a blast! They are mine and Josh's little buddies. Thanksgiving was great we just love both of our families so much and we can't say enough how grateful we are for them!

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Chase and Ashley Winegar said...

You're brave to have all those little girls over at your house all at once. Girls are tough.. I'm SO glad we're having a boy first!